Book Reviews

  A Tommy in the Family   

'Well written and emotional, it packs quite a punch.' 'I admit I did shed a few tears at some of the personal accounts he told'. 'The author's meticulous attention to detail and his analysis of evidence is quite outstanding'.  'It will appeal to a wide audience both adults and children alike'.


 'Inspirational ….the perfect book for undertaking First World War family history research.' 


'Crucial advice …fascinating and varied stories'. 'It will fascinate anyone with an interest in the war.'


One Among Many


 'Great Book, really interesting and very well written.' 

Researching Northern Ancestors  

 'Stalwart -with its excellent research guide this book makes for another trusty reference work that anyone with northern family connections will find useful and illuminating - a lively guide to life in the north with a social history angle' . Your Family Tree

'A surprisingly detailed introduction to the social history of the North-East and Cumbria, giving an insight into the world in which our ancestors lived. It will be of interest to the general reader as well as family and local historians'….. Northern Echo

'A useful history ...and, more particularly, tells you where you can source the detailed information you will require if you are attempting to trace those long-lost relatives and draw up your family tree'. Cumberland News

'Accessible and informative introduction to the subject… gives a fascinating insight into the world in which our ancestors lived' Global Genealogy

  'this book is as much a love letter to the north of his ancestors as it is a well-researched and informative guide on how to trace your own family tree…. A fascinating book for anyone interested in the north of England …' Yesterday Magazine

   ' a jolly good read and an excellent guide to the history of a great swathe of Northern England . highly readable .. comprehensive detail ..splendid descriptions. The author's command of his subject is impressive and his numerous references to original sources invaluable'   BBC Who Do You Think You Are?

'the author carefully examines (these) trades, often painting a vivid picture of the hardships and dangers that our ancestors faced on a daily basis in their working lives' Ancestors -Magazine of The National Archives

In April 2008 it was the best selling family history book on Amazon where it also gained a 5 star review

A Viking in The Family 

' As an untrained historian, with a great interest in local family history as well as my own family's history... I enjoyed reading this little pocket sized book. If I wasn't already researching a number of interesting ancestors, I would be galvanised by it to research them '. Journal of the Open History Society  

and a 'bog standard ' 5 * Amazon review of The Children's History of Northumberland

'My granddaughter loved this and even read it in the loo'