Books and Booklets published 1973 -2019. Most of these books can be purchased at online sites or from the author. My Amazon site is also informative!

The Unoriginal Folksinger, Private, Sunderland,1973 - songs written by the author/composer 1967-73.

Just One Man (with Jim Moreland), Durham, Durham EFDSS, 1980 - songs on experiences in coal mining in County Durham c1950-1975.

Cumbrian Songs and Ballads, Dalesman, Clapham via Lancaster, 1983 - a collection of traditional and composed ballads from the old county of Cumberland.

Corvan - A Victorian entertainer and his songs,Kemble Press, Oxford 1983 - account of the life and work of the north east's first music hall singer/songwriter with researched songs.

Enthusiastic and Young - the centenary history of Sunderland Bowling Club 1889 -1989, Sunderland Cricket and Rugby Club,Sunderland, 1989 - self-explanatory.

Where are the fields? Thirty five years of the songs of Keith Gregson, the Bunker, Sunderland, 2002 - songs composed since 1967 with music and cd.

A Great Day for England-How an England side became Olympic cricket champions and retain the title to this very day,
private, Cheshire, 2004.

The Kid's Joke Book, Silverdale, Woodford Green,2006 - jokes collected from schoolchildren.

Nelson's Navy 1793-1815, Federation of Family History Societies, Bury, 2006 - how to find out about ancestors in the navy in
Nelson's time.

Tracing Your Northern Ancestors; A guide to the North East and Cumbria for the Family Historian, Pen and Sword, Bury, 2007

Singing Histories, Sunderland, Sing London, 2008- songs traditional and composed including some by the author.

The Bluffer's Guide to the Olympics, Oval,London, 2008 - one in the million selling series of amusing and informative books. 

Children's History of Sunderland, Hometown World,
Bath, 2011 -self-explanatory.

One Among Many- the story of Sunderland Rugby Football Club (1873) in its historical context, MX Publishing, London, 2011 - self-explanatory.

A Viking in the Family and other family tree tales, The History Press, Cheltenham, 2011 - a collection of tales from family historians and helpful hints on researching family history.

The Taing of Houss and other tunes composed in the traditional style, the Bunker, Sunderland, 2012 - tunes with music and cd.

Sporting Ancestors; Tracing your family's athletic past, The History Press, Cheltenham, 2012.

Children's History of Northumberland, Hometown World, Cheltenham, 2012.

Australia in Sunderland - the Making of a test match, MX publishing, London, 2013 - Background to Durham County's first ashes cricket test.

A Tommy in the Family - First World War Family History and Research Tips, The History Press, Cheltenham, 2014 -self explanatory 

 Can you do nothing to mend my broken heart? The Ashbrooke Boys - A sports club at war 1914-18 , online 2028