Some information on the song

A Christmas Carol (Ghosts) - The story behind the song

When I left teaching in 2003, I decided to put together all the songs I had written over the years into a collection. There were about 130 at the time. Thirteen years later as I (sort of!) retired from freelancing as a musician, writer and historian, I decided to update the collection which was now in the hundred and eighties. Soon after doing this I was invited to talk to a group of young songwriters and at the end of the session was asked to sing a couple of my songs. I asked one of them to choose two numbers (as the songs were catalogued by date and number). He suggested 'the first one you wrote and the latest' - which I duly did. 'A Christmas Carol - Ghosts' appears in the collection as KGR1/1968 which is self-explanatory. My wife (whom I met in 1970) remembers me singing it to her but otherwise I cannot remember singing it in public. The members of the song writing group gave it a big thumbs-up and suggested that I should record it - especially as Christmas was near. I contacted James at the Miners' Hall Studio (who had recorded me before) and asked if I could put down a simple guitar/singer version which we did - and at the last minute I added a little penny whistle. James seems to have been struck by the song and asked Barry Hyde, with whom he was working on other projects, to have a listen. The pair then plotted a most wonderful treat for my 68th birthday and spent hours in the studio putting down appropriate backing tracks. The result makes 'A Christmas Carol - Ghosts' as much their song as mine. As noted on the band camp site, any monies from the recording will go towards letting the youngsters in the song writing group record their own songs - some of them are massively talented. Here are the links

KG ( p.s. - the sound quality is better on the first and free if you just want to listen).