Explaining what's on the jukebox

Spring 2017

Entries 26 to 28 deal with the Gretna Green or Quintinshill Rail Disaster which has its centenary on 22 May 2015. Please contact if any of the spoken or sung content is of interest. 

Song 29, Man of the Land, written about my late father-in-law has been added at the request of a number of family and friends.

The other songs have been recorded at various points over the years - some are based on Lowry paintings in Sunderland museum, some are from my suite of songs on the Six Wives of Henry VIII and some are mining songs ( one or two written with the late Jim Moreland) plus one or two others.

The four tunes are from my 'Taing of Houss' book and CD and are the four which are being played in music sessions in pubs. As my favourite whistle is not quite in a particular  key I have added 'in key' practice versions for those who want to join in.

If you want more tunes or to know more about the songs, get in touch