Virus update! 

 I am over 70 and, though generally fit, tend to suffer from annual upper respiratory infections and have been following government guidelines since Saturday 14 March. My last 'public' appearance was as a spectator at the Newcastle Falcons v Bedford Blues match the night before. Since then I have been in isolation at home with my wife. I have a daily one hour walk in our beautiful local park ( five minutes away) and am able to enjoy the benefits of our re-modeled back yard and garden. In order to get through this I have returned to my structured 5 day free-lance working week with week-ends 'off'. The work involves trying to help my sons and nephews with their young families by making videos of the children's songs I used to sing when I was free-lance facilitator working in schools, museums and libraries. I intend to continue this and if you wish to join in go to my YouTube site - 'keith gregson'. There are also some 'calming' videos for adults! 

During the working day I read for an hour (Thomas Hardy), play music or sing for an hour and brush up my Spanish with an 'ear worm' while out on my walk. The remainder of the working day has been spent so far in making the  videos, writing articles and preparing online Power Points for the family history magazines for which I still work. This has led, in particular, to a re-awakening of my interest in our family's links with the Shetland Isles - (my maternal grandmother's roots were entirely from Burra Isle, Shetland). To this end I have opened up a Shetland page on this site. I will be updating here constantly so if you are going to join in with me in some form or another, a big hello.

If you are bored - Explore my site and get back on anything of mutual interest we can follow up

Contact me by e-mail -  or ring/text to 0791 035 1272

Keep well, keep safe and keep going

Keith G


June 2020 

NB  Important message on Newsflash page.

PPS  I receive many offers to 'improve' my website. I am happy with it as it is i.e. a simple source of information rather than a glossy sales point!