An introduction

If this is your first visit - hello. If it isn't - hello again. After 33 years in teaching and 13 as a freelance writer, historian and musician I am now a little more reactive than proactive but still happy to work on projects which sound interesting. The site in general gives some idea of my areas of interest. The juke box contains a number of songs and tunes I have written. Please contact me if you want to know more about them after reading the relevant page. You can also see a number of live recordings on YouTube plus a fun song on England's recent rugby grand slam at

An exciting venture in June is dealt with at



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E mail address is;

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0191/5109206 (leave messages)

KG September 2016 

PS This is meant to be a simple site without 'whistles and bells'. Its aim is to let folks know what I have done and what I can do. It is usually top of the 'Keith Gregson' search engine list and I have no interest in making it appear 'more professional' thank you!