An introduction

If you are new to the site  - hello! If not  - hello again! This is a simple site without whistles and bells and dedicated to letting people know what I am up to. Now approaching a significant birthday, (born 1948), I am more re-active than pro-active i.e. sort of semi-retired but, in essence, up for anything. I spent over 30 years as head of history in a large urban comprehensive then 15 as a free-lance writer, historian and musician. At the moment I am professionally recording music I have composed over the years and you will find this on the juke box and on the appropriate information page. If you are looking for details for downloading my book on the Ashbrooke Boys in World War One, the information will appear on this site towards the end of October. You can catch references to many things relating to my material on YouTube or by entering my name in any search engine. I can be contacted

by e-mail

or by text to 0791 035 1272

KG October 2018