If this is your first visit- hello. If not - hello again! I am now more reactive than proactive and supposed to be semi-retired. In fact I am still interested in anything interesting. The best pages to visit currently are the Newsflash page and the Songs and Tunes page which links up with the jukebox. The jukebox is right up to date with the latest recordings. I can be contacted at

Best wishes

Keith G 

February 2020 

NB Spanish Guitar tune Playa Joyel can now be seen on YouTube "Playa Joyel" "Keith Gregson". 

PS Go to Newsflash page for details of online books and activity over the next few weeks

PPS  I receive many offers to 'improve' my website. I am happy with it as it is i.e. a simple source of information rather than a glossy sales point!